United Water Works


United Water Works

Your success is our success.

United Water Works sets our clients up to win. For more than three decades, our team has served underground contractors, water districts and municipalities with unmatched expertise and a complete range of products to serve the underground water industry.

Led by President Jerry Canada and Vice President Christin Deschenes, United Water Works is backed by more than 100 cumulative years of experience. Centrally located to serve all of Southern California, our clients can attest that we serve from a foundation of core beliefs:

Provide Exceptional Service

Whether you’re a customer, supplier or coworker, there is no deadline we can’t meet, no problem we can’t tackle. Our company is integral in building infrastructure, but we’re most proud of the relationships we build. We foster, encourage and model positive relationships, attitudes, and a mindset that helps your company and career grow.

Take Ownership

You have our support from start to finish. We anticipate your needs. We have answers to your questions before you ask.

Your Best Interest Comes First

We’ve been successful for more than 30 years because we put the best interests of our customers, vendors and employees before our own. You will have no doubt that we strive to meet and exceed your expectations.

Do the Right Thing

Compassion and integrity are non-negotiables for United Water Works, through our words and actions with each other, our customers, employees, families, stakeholders and even our competition.

Adaptive To Change

As the industry evolves, so do we. But what won’t change is the incomparable service United Water Works provides.

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